Thursday, 30 July 2020


Your hardwood flooring utilized to look gorgeous. But wear and tear from pets, kids, the sun, grit, and who-knows-what-else have down them. So you now must restore them. The big questions are: how and what?

You can use chemical cleansers or put the flooring through a sanding process. But sanding may harm your floors in many ways. To start with, it may change the coloration. Second, it creates clouds of particulates, which may get into your vents and trigger allergy and asthma problems. Indoor air pollution isn't a small issue. Sanding can be cluttered; it can be a big, expensive production.

Is there an alternate solution?

The team at Enfield Floor Sanding Loves a no sanding process called RX for Wood Floors. This excellent product uses a patented urethane system which eliminates the need for sanding, fixes floors without creating odors or heaps of debris, and costs approximately 50 percent up to standard sanding work. Our team can finish the process in single day.

A Few of the common Issues that we can Mend for this Procedure include:

  • Scuff marks -- those marks efficiently tattoo the end and make permanent marks;
  • scrapes -- furry claws, dragged furniture, etc may cut through the end and create unseemly lines;
  • worn end -- reduction of colour and brightness due to years of degradation and weathering.

Whether your flooring got damaged in one accident (e.g. a piece of furniture hauled across the floor), or kids and pets wore them down over decades, with dirty claws and shoes and claws, you need results. Here is how the process works.

Step #1: Virtual sanding.

In this procedure, we chemically rub off the hardwood floor's older end to prep for a new top coat. It's cleaner and simpler than conventional sanding.

Step #2: Touch up the ground and repair it.

Gouges, scrape marks, scuffs, pits, and other problem areas are managed and removed.

Measure #3: Growing.

The RX for Wood Floors formula is applied. This catalyzed wood finish meshes effectively with the original end to create a lovely, beautiful look that's durable and tough.

For help with hardwood floor restoration and fix in the Enfield Area -- to learn more about alternatives to traditional sanding -- Get in touch with Enfield Floor Sanding Today by calling 020 8099 8515 .

Friday, 13 March 2020

Three Methods To Fill Gaps In Wood Flooring

If you are having trouble with gaps on your wood flooring, you are not alone. Wood floors are essentially composed of strips of timber which are butted together, which may, or might not be nailed or glued into position. Gaps in timber floors are brought on by the long-term expansion and contraction of the timber. Though significant gaps in comparatively new hardwood floors are comparatively rare along the spans of the board, you may discover that newer floors develop openings at the ends of their boards. Old floors on the other hand will likely have openings, both across the lengths of these planks in addition to in the ends, due to years and years of growth and contraction the floor will probably have confronted. Gaps in wood flooring not only look unsightly, they can be the source of drafts and energy inefficiency.

So how do you get rid of the gaps in your wood flooring? If your floor is not fixed into the subfloor, you could try sliding back the boards into place, working around the outside of the space, where an expansion gap will have been left. If necessary, as soon as you've managed to manoeuvre the planks back into place, you could introduce some pegging around the edges of the room to stop future slipping. You can even reduce the movement in your flooring by preventing sliding furnishings and heavy things across the planks.

If that does Not Solve your problem, or if your gaps reappear, there are three main Ways of filling gaps in Timber flooring, which Can Be:

Employing a dust and resin filling.

Introducing filler strips.

Inserting a colour-match acrylic filler.

Here is a summary of the way to do each.

Employing a dust and resin filling.

This is only one of the most frequently used methods of filling little (less than 5mm) openings in a wooden floor. Once you have your sawdust, then you want to mix it with a transparent resin filler, which you'll have the ability to get from any DIY shop or your hardwood flooring provider. The consistency you're aiming for is a bit like a thick putty, which you then introduce to the gaps using a spatula.

This procedure of gap filling has the benefit of providing a smooth and colour-matched end result and it dries fast. The downside is that the mixture can fall through gaps where the flooring is put right over joists and it often becomes fragile with significant flooring movement.

Introducing filler strips.

Filler strips are essentially very fine batons of the very same species and color of timber as the flooring that you insert into the gaps. The great benefit of this method of gap filling is there is no risk that the strips will fall through, since they also are going to be able to rest on the joists. What's more, filler strips also produce a very secure and attractive result.

In the conclusion of both of these two filling processes, you'll need to sand over the stuffed gaps to smooth the floor out and prepare it for refinishing (if required).

Inserting a colour-match petroleum filler.

Colour-matched acrylic fillers are easy to supply, either by a fantastic DIY store or your hardwood flooring provider and are arguably among the simplest methods for filling gaps in hardwood flooring. Basically a mastic, this way is quick, efficient and does not require sanding in the conclusion. All that said, the best challenge you are going to confront with this remedy is receiving the color spot on, so be ready to experiment.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Select Or Prime Grade Wood Flooring How To Choose?

Any regular reader of the blog will understand that if it is lumbered, timber is graded into one of four distinct ranges: prime, select, rustic and natural. Going down this listing in prime to rustic, the color and look version of the timber raises and knots become more plentiful. This does not imply in any manner that one alternative is better caliber than another; it only means that it will seem distinct (and price less the farther down the list you go).

Prime standard hardwood floors is created from, or topped with a few of the best timbers available. Regarded as the maximum grade of timber, prime grade wood includes a heftier price tag compared to other wood ranges only because the trees appropriate to create this quality of wood are far fewer in number and take more time to grow.

Select grade wood flooring on the other hand, is flooring which is made from, or topped with select grade wood. Select grade hardwood floors typically includes a rather small number of little knots and just some small colour variation. Select grade wood flooring; despite its limited number of knots and slight color variation is still considered an extremely uniform, smooth and consistent flooring alternative.

So how on earth do you pick between the two?


The first thing that you will need to be clear on if you are creating your choice is that it's not a matter of quality. The standard of each grade alternative will be the same if it comes from precisely the same source. So from this point of view, this needn't be a consideration in your decision-making procedure.


If cost is a problem in assisting you to decide which wood tier to choose (and there are not many
individuals for whom cost is not a problem ), then there isn't any doubt that pick tier, on a like for like basis, is generally less expensive than prime tier. This, along with the fact that you are getting exactly the identical quality of timber is what swings lots of folks in favour of pick over prime quality.


All that said, the most important reason people choose between you and another is that the expression of the wood. It will not just look the million bucks that you need it to, but it is going to also put your room off styling into a tee. Typically those who hunt out prime grade floors are planning a high-class classic look in their area or a designer complete.

If perfection is reduced down your list of priorities than cost, then select grade hardwood floors is a really good choice to prime grade. Even though it does feature more inconsistent colouration along with a larger number or knots and sap, it is still a fairly appealing choice. Select grade is perfect if you want close to ideal, but your budget simply will not allow.

Thus, all in all, there is not an awful lot between the two, but for people who are seeking a clean and sleek wood appearance, prime grade timber is not possible to conquer. However, for those people who are less worried about uniformity and consistency and also are happy to have a bit of appealing, natural variation within their flooring, then select grade is a superb alternative.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Cherry Wood has been used for many years to craft not just floors but furniture too. It's a pleasant dark red colour that is much sort after. It supplies a vintage, traditional appearance and cherry wood floors are ideal for a period home.

Cherry Wood Trees

There's an extensive variety of different kinds of cherry trees, both flowering and ornamental. Cherry trees are ordinarily known because of its yummy fruit they create and the pretty blossoms. But the cherry tree is popular for its wood also. They are grown all over the world but are particularly famous in Japan due to their exquisite blossom. American Cherry is most frequently used for flooring as it is a hardwood and due to the rich color of the timber.

Cherry Wood Colours

Cherry wood appears to take the colour from its own fruit as cherry wood is nearly almost a variant of crimson. The sapwood is generally a creamy white with a hint of pink whereas the heartwood ranges from deep crimson to red/brown. The colour of cherry wood flooring has a warmth to it, contrary to other species like ash that are colder. Be mindful that cherry hardwood floors tend to darken with age; they can change into a deep reddish over just a few weeks.

Benefits of Cherry Wood Floors

There are many benefits to getting cherry wood flooring in your house or workplace. One of them is the fact that it is 25% softer than walnut so, even though it is strong and durable, in addition, it has exceptional shock absorption properties that makes it a great surface for walking .

Cherry hardwood has a straight grain that's attractive and refined. It provides a sophisticated look to a room, combined with the warm colour of the wood making it a very desirable wood for floors.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Floor sanding is the very best way to give your hardwood floors a brand new look. Floor sanding would consist of upkeep of your hardwood floors by the process of sanding in addition to replacement of any damaged boards. Floor sanding involves a great deal of procedures and can be rather a specialist job. On a great deal of occasions it's been noticed that people have a tendency to turn this expert job into a DIY activity. Though this might seem like a great and cost effective choice initially, you will realise that the difference a professional floor restoration expert can bring along with his experience.

When floor refurbishment is done by the consumer , lots of mistakes can occur. These issues may not show as you're trimming the floor yourself but may surface in a later point of time, following the floor is cleaned correctly. In this kind of situation, you will need to again employ the service of an expert to get the job done. This ordeal is able to make your floor sanding task tedious and time consuming.

Professional floor sanding service suppliers are outfitted with the best possible gear. Their quality service will leave you satisfied and also allow you to increase the life span of your own hardwood floors to a fantastic extent. They will also have the ability to perform various maintenance jobs to leave your hardwood flooring looking as good as new.

Friday, 20 April 2018

How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger with Hardwood Floors

There are many fantastic ways to use hardwood floors in your home. Besides its beautiful look and texture, hardwood can help you make your room look bigger than it really is. Later, make sure you provide us a call to set up your free, in-home design consultation!

Monday, 5 February 2018

How to select the best parquet floors for your home?

If you have very least knowledge regarding flooring, then you can refer to below-mentioned points to ensure that you get the best wood floors installed in your sweet home:
  • Wood grade – At the time of selecting timber floors, it is very important to take into consideration the grade of timber as well. Ensure that you decide the floor installation, keeping in mind your budget limit and your house decor.
  • Floor maintenance – If you want the best floor care for your timber flooring, then you should opt for quality floor sanding and polishing services offered by the best company in Enfield. Before you hire services, ensure that you carry out a background check about the company and its services. This will give you an exact idea, whether the company can meet your requirements or not.
  • Guarantee on services – You should check whether the company offers a guarantee on their services or not. This will ensure that you get the best value for your money invested in professional floor care services.
When you hire professional services for your floor care, then you can be tension free regarding your timber floors. Floor care services offered by professional companies are aimed at providing the best care and maintenance to your timber flooring. Besides this, the company has a proficient team of experts, who can handle the whole job in a systematic way. They will first inspect the condition of your flooring and accordingly provide you with a rough estimate in terms of cost and duration. Ensure that you keep the premises ready for the floor care services before the professional experts reach your house and start the whole job.
When you consider these services for timber floors, then you are sure to notice the difference yourself. Besides this, these services will save you from hassles of taking up the job all by yourself. With professional experts carrying out the job, you need not worry about anything else. For offering top notch services of floor sanding and polishing in Enfield, these experts make use of advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions for your wood floors.
To summarize, it can be said that these services will help you to retain the beauty and charm of your flooring for years to come. To enhance proper maintenance of your wood flooring, look no further than these professional floor care services.